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Thursday October 30th, 2014

Join us in making history once again at Canada’s largest Android conference where we’ll continue to investigate cutting-edge developer tools and techniques that will support the community at large. This years’ conference will feature a variety of interactive and engaging experiences with mobile, wearables, TV platforms and beyond.

Over 300 developers across Canada will be coming together for a full day of incredible sessions from thought leaders and some of the biggest names in Android. These are the pioneers and tastemakers who are defining how we interact with the Android-connected world. AndroidTO is the place where we can explore current, potential and predicted trends.




Matthew Patience


Material Girl

Since its introduction in 2008, Android has been through many aesthetic changes, perhaps none more bold than the forthcoming Android L. Combining classic design principles with the innovation and possibility of technology and science, Android L exemplifies polish and refinement. With this step in Android’s evolution, it’s clear that application developers must have incredible user experience design in order to build incredible products. Luckily, Google has provided a cross-platform guide on how to achieve this within their platforms. In Material Girl, we will cover the material metaphor, focus & hierarchy, and creating meaning through motion. You will walk away from this session with the knowledge of how to apply the concepts of material design to your application's design, interaction, and animation while still remaining unique to your brand.

Matthew is the VP of Mobile, leading a top notch team of developers in the creation of numerous critically acclaimed applications for the Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms. His team consistently produces top-notch products that have been named Editors’ Choice, New & Noteworthy, and Google Play Picks. Matthew is firmly established in the mobile community. His first technology venture was creating a Toronto mobile development agency, Mobicartel. In 2011, Mobicartel was acquired by BNOTIONS and Matthew’s talents have led him to become the VP of Mobile, running a growing, multi-talented mobile engineering team stacked with some of Canada’s best. In his 6 years of mobile engineering, Matthew has contributed code to many open source projects pushing the boundaries in mobile innovation. His expertise helps him create applications across all platforms: smartphone, tablet, and TV. Recently, Matthew was selected by Google to join the Glass Explorer program and has subsequently developed Glassware for other Glass users to enjoy. In addition to these accolades, Matthew is recognized as a thought leader in the mobile development community and regularly speaks at industry leading events and conferences such as AndroidTO, Big Android BBQ, FITC, among others.

Cecillia Abadie


Android for Wearables

Designing and developing applications for Wearable Technologies requires its own mindset and understanding of the needs of a user on the go. Simply porting an Android app from mobile to wearable is not enough. Cecilia will embed us in the world of wearables with its challenges and opportunities, from the heads up displays like Google Glass, to the Android Wear smart watches as well as many other that will come.

When she's not busy getting the first ticket for driving with Google Glass and fighting it in court, Cecilia is a passionate evangelist about everything digital, a Google Glass Explorer, recognized by Google as a Glass Community Leader and she spreads the word about wearable devices and the many ways they can change our world. As the founder of 33Labs and LynxFit, she is part of a global development team that researches and develops wearable and mobile applications to deliver experiences that innovate and disrupt the personal and the enterprise realms. Cecilia has a Master Degree on Information Systems.

Danesh Mondegarian


Contributing to Android

A beginners guide to submitting to AOSP, CyanogenMod and other Android projects. One of Android's greatest strengths and key to its rapid adoption rate is the open source nature of the project. In this talk we will take a beginners look at contributing to an open source Android project. This talk will cover an introduction into coding for Android, all the relevant tools you will come across and tips and tricks to get around common obstacles in getting your code submitted. So stop making feature requests, and lets start making contributions!

Danesh has been contributing to open source mobile software for most of his programming career. Having started on the CyanogenMod project over 3 years ago, he continues to contribute framework and application level enhancements at Cyanogen Inc as a Software Engineer.

Nikita Tarakanov


Integrating the Nymi Persistent Identity Solution into Android Apps

The Nymi platform by Bionym allows mobile computing devices to securely gain access to User profiles when the Nymi, a wearable securely associated to the intended User via a unique cardiac rhythm biometric, is in proximity. This effectively allows "zero-click" access to accounts, profiles and personalization and completely transforms the application experience. Android, in particular when one considers the multi-device strategy governing its current evolution, is a very good fit for the Nymi platform. All smart systems require some identity workflow, and the Nymi, shipping Fall 2014, can make them all easier. Nikita will present an overview of the Nymi SDK that allows integrating apps and devices to take advantage of the Nymi Identity Solution, review the sample code and call flows, and present demos of the Nymi solution in action along with the use of the Nymi Emulator (the Nymulator!). Attendees will be asked to take these tools and build a simple Android application that presents a personal message when a specific Nymi is brought in proximity to the device.

Nikita is the community manager at Bionym who is responsible for creating a world-wide developer community that will change how we communicate our identity to the world. The world around us should know and care who we are as an individual. Nikira is also a co-founder of Sesame IO, survivor of the Next 36, and graduate of Computer Engineering from University of Toronto. He indulges in all things tech and is generally amazed by the strength and power of developer communities. Also a co-founder of Sesame IO, survivor of the Next 36, and graduate of Computer Engineering from University of Toronto. I indulge in all things tech and generally amazed by the strength and power of developer communities.

Tejas Lagvankar


Developing for Android TV: Getting Started

Google announced the Android TV platform during Google IO 2014. While Android is not new, its important to understand the similarities and differences when it comes to writing applications for this form factor. Tejas will present a mobile developer's perspective on developing apps for the TV platform. He will cover the developer capabilities, certain specific cases and gotchas during development. He'll walk through a step-by-step process for creating your first TV app.

Mobile enthusiast, mobile developer, mobile human being. Tejas started mobile development way back with Symbian and made his way into developing Android apps right from its inception in 2008. He is extremely passionate about mobile and wearable technology, and has won both the Google Glass hackathons (Mirror API as well as GDK) organized by Google. When he is not working, Tejas likes to play ping pong, his ukulele, guitar and the piano.

Kevin Grant


Motion in Android and L animations

Animations on Android can be tough. They've been a second class citizen for a long time, and it's never been a focus. We've spent most of our time just trying to get things working. Android L has given us some amazing new tools for animating transitions, list items, and more, but we can't just sit around and wait for our user to upgrade to L before we use them. In this talk, we will cover the ways we have implemented Android L animations at Tumblr without waiting for the new frameworks.

Kevin Grant is an Android Engineer at tumblr, a creative blogging platform in New York City, where he focuses on application design, implementing the latest design and user interaction paradigms and pushing the boundaries of the Android framework. He began developing for Android in 2009, performing research at the University of Nevada, Reno. After graduating he moved to Malmö, Sweden where he took part in the Scandinavian startup scene. In 2013 he authored a book on beginning Android development, and is actively involved in the New York City Android developers community.

Macy Kuang

Miao Miao Games

Building Android Wear Apps

During this workshop on Android Wear, participants will learn how to build their own Android Wear apps from the ground up with Android Studio using Java. Participants will be introduced to debugging, setup of notifications and establishing communication between Android Wear and Android Phone Apps. At the end of the workshop, participants will be have a completed app running on their Android Wear watch or Emulator!

Macy Kuang is the Founder of Miaomiao Games. She is on the organizing committee for AndroidTO, the annual Android conference, organizer of the first Canadian Google Glass Hackathon, and a regular contributor to the Google Developer Group. Macy participated in the Google Glass Foundry in New York in February 2013 and is now a Google Glass Pioneer, working with developer versions of the hardware and associated APIs.