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Featured Speaker


Akshay Agarwal

Ecosystem Director Americas at ARM


Akshay Agarwal is the Ecosystem Director Americas and is responsible for Graphics Ecosystem Development and Strategic Marketing with specialization in Software: Mobile Operating Systems, Gaming, User Interfaces and Web browsers. With a Business Development role on the OMAP team at Texas Instruments, responsible for OMAP business development for customers in Korea for the smartphone space and the Marketing Director at Samsung, Responsible for Ecosystem Development and Strategic Marketing, over the past several years, Akshay has acquired the respect and admiration from his peers.

Featured Speaker


Michael Lyashenko

Tasharen Entertainment / Unity Technologies

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Michael is an experienced software and game developer with two jobs -- one as a Senior Software Engineer at Unity Technologies, and another one as as a one-man army at his own company -- Tasharen Entertainment. He most recently designed and developed NGUI -- an immensely popular UI solution for the Unity game engine that has been used by hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide. A game developer at heart, Michael's latest game -- a fast-paced tactical strategy game called "Starlink" was well received on Google Play and was recently featured on the Amazon App store for over a month.


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